Protests after the death of a black man during police operations in Philadelphia.


Once again, the death of an African American during a police operation triggers violent protests. The riots have also become an election campaign issue.

After the renewed death of an African-American in a police shooting, there were violent protests for the second night in a row in the USA, overshadowed by violent clashes between police officers and demonstrators. In Philadelphia, in the eastern part of the country, there was looting on Tuesday evening (local time) according to police reports. The White House spoke of “rioting” and offered to send federal police.

The police said that “a large crowd” of about a thousand people were looting stores in the Castor and Aramingo neighborhoods. They called for avoidance of the areas. About a thousand people also gathered in West Philadelphia. Policemen armed with truncheons clashed with several dozen protesters.

The office of Pennsylvania State Governor Tom Wolf announced the dispatch of several hundred members of the National Guard to the city “to protect the right to peaceful assembly and protest and to ensure the safety of the people.

The White House stated that if the authorities in Philadelphia so requested, it would be prepared to send “some or all of the forces of the Confederation” “to put an end to this rioting.

“It is happening all over America. It is frightening”

Two white police officers had shot a black man armed with a knife on Monday afternoon. The incident is recorded on a cell phone video. There you can hear how the officers ask the 27-year-old to throw away the knife. When the man identified as Walter Wallace pushes his mother away and runs towards the police, the officers open fire.

According to his family, the 27-year-old suffered from psychological problems. Wallace’s father told the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper that the officers shot his son ten times.

It is unclear why the police shot the young man, said 25-year-old artist Ezra Alidow on the fringes of Tuesday’s protests. “It is happening all over America. It is frightening.”

Protest against police violence – Philadelphia

Racism and police violence

After the deadly police shots, there had already been clashes between demonstrators and police officers on Monday evening. More than 90 people were arrested and 30 police officers were injured.

Since the death of the African-American George Floyd during a brutal police operation in Minneapolis in late May, there have been repeated protests against racism and police violence in the USA. There have been repeated riots on the fringes of the mostly peaceful demonstrations.

Trump, who is up for re-election next week, regularly uses this to present himself as the “President of Law and Order”. The protests in Philadelphia were described by the White House on Wednesday as “the latest consequence of the war that the liberal Democrats are waging against the police.

Protest against police violence – Philadelphia

“Not a protest, but a crime”

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his deputy candidate Kamala Harris expressed their condolences to the family of the killed African-American. At the same time they appealed to the demonstrators to remain peaceful. “No amount of anger about the very real injustices in our society justifies violence,” they stressed. Looting is “not a protest, but a crime.

According to a study published on Wednesday, US police officers shot three times as many unarmed blacks as unarmed whites in the past five years. According to an analysis published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, there were a total of more than 5360 deaths from police shots during this period.

Just one week before Wallace’s death, a police officer in northern Chicago shot and killed 19-year-old black Marcelli Stinnette and seriously injured his 20-year-old partner Tafara Williams. On Tuesday, Williams announced from the hospital that he would file charges. Her lawyer Ben Crump, who has represented many victims of racially motivated violence, said of the incident: “When it comes to African Americans, it seems like they shoot first and ask questions later.



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