Priti Patel is under fire for statements she made about the Napier Barracks.


Priti Patel is under fire for statements she made about the Napier Barracks.

The Home Secretary has being urged to quit over remarks she made regarding Napier Barracks, a military base that is housing asylum seekers who have crossed the English Channel.

Joanna Cherry of the Scottish National Party remarked in the House of Commons on Thursday that what Priti Patel said about the former army barracks in February was “just not factually correct.”

“So why isn’t the Home Secretary tendering her resignation, as Amber Rudd did with elegance and decency?” she wondered.

During a big epidemic earlier this year, about 200 people at the barracks in Folkestone, Kent, caught Covid-19.

Two top health experts warned last week that it was still “impossible to see” the site being deemed Covid-safe.

The debate in Parliament comes after six asylum seekers who were previously detained in Napier Barracks won a legal case against the government when a High Court judge found that their living conditions were insufficient.

In the aftermath of the verdict, the Home Office has faced increased calls to close the site, but claims that “substantial changes” have been made.

On Thursday, the matter of the barracks was revisited in an urgent question, with minister Chris Philp responding to MPs’ questions.

“Other MPs have inquired whether the current Home Secretary misled the committee in oral evidence on February 24 this year,” Ms Cherry said.

“In response to those inquiries, the minister keeps referring to a letter from Public Health England from June of this year, which mentions the Home Office’s full cooperation since spring of this year.

“Of course, when the Home Secretary testified on February 24, she was talking about what had happened before that, not what had happened this spring, and evidence presented to the High Court suggests that what she said – that the department had previously followed public health guidance regarding Napier Barracks in every way – was simply not factually correct, and the High Court has said the.

Amber Rudd’s decision to leave as Home Secretary was brought up by several MPs. (This is a brief piece.)


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