Prince Harry applauds Warrior Games athletes for overcoming adversity.


Prince Harry applauds Warrior Games athletes for overcoming adversity.

During a meeting for the Warrior Games, Prince Harry and Jill Biden showered praise on one other’s commitment to the armed forces.

During an event for competitors in the Department of Defense tournament, which was canceled due to COVID, the Duke of Sussex rekindled his acquaintance with the first lady.

Injured or sick servicemen and women compete in a variety of adaptive sports in the style of the Olympics, with the goal of aiding recuperation.

“To see every single one of you here, with pride on your faces, makes me extremely glad to know how far you guys have come, the dark places you have been to but where you are now stronger than ever before, no doubt, because to sport,” Prince Harry added.

“It’s not only about you and your families,” he continued, “but you have to remember that you’re doing this for your brothers and sisters-in-arms, and for those who are in a really bad place.” You know what it’s like because you’ve been there and come out the other side. Now you’re guiding them to their own healing, which I appreciate.”

Since the US army pullout, which resulted in Afghanistan falling fast to the Taliban, the Biden administration has been under fire.

Former Royal Marine and double amputee Ben McBean, a close friend of Prince Harry’s, was one of the first to publicly criticize the government, calling Vice President Joe Biden a “d***head” in August.

Harry, on the other hand, commended the first lady’s dedication to the military community and mentioned a series of previous encounters between them in his own Invictus Games event.

“It’s an amazing delight and a thrill to meet you again after so many years,” he remarked.

“It’s been amazing to watch you in action in various areas of the world providing everything you have to so many people, not just those who don the uniform but their families as well; many of them wouldn’t be here without you,” he continued.

The first lady also thanked Harry for his service in Afghanistan, where he served as a frontline helicopter gunner in Helmand Province during two tours.

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