Primark’s ‘adorable’ Top consumers seek pastel tops in “every color” for £11.


Primark’s ‘adorable’ Top consumers seek pastel tops in “every color” for £11.

Primark customers can’t get enough of the store’s most recent offering, which they want “in every color.”

Customers have been attentively following Primark’s Instagram feeds to see what might come in stores soon as the brand does not have an online shop.

An £11 poplin top is one of the most recent additions to the fashion account, and followers are instantly smitten.

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Thousands of likes and comments have already been left on the post revealing the new peplum-style top, from both those eager to get their hands on one and those who already have.

The pale blue, white, and yellow poplin peplum-style top is offered.


Fans have been raving about the £11 top beneath Primark’s post, with several hailing it as “beautiful” and “cute,” and others stating they’d buy it in all three colors.

On Instagram, the post has received over 9,300 likes and several comments.

One shopper commented in the comments section, “Love these tops,” and another said, “So lovely.”

“Love these have them,” wrote a third.

“Have every color, excellent for work and going out,” a fourth consumer remarked.

A fifth said, “I have the blue and love it and want it in every color,” while a sixth said, “Please give me one of each.”

“Is it bad to want one in every color?” said another.

Primark’s new tops are £11 and come in three colors: blue, white, and yellow.

Here’s where you can find the store closest to you.

Primark has announced the introduction of a new website that will allow customers to check what stock is currently available in their local locations. The whole details can be found here.


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