Primark’s £20 boots are “beautiful” and “need in every color,” according to customers.


Primark’s £20 boots are “beautiful” and “need in every color,” according to customers.

Primark customers can’t get enough of the store’s newest offering, claiming they want it “in every color.”

Customers have been attentively following Primark’s Instagram feeds to see what might come in stores soon as the brand does not have an online shop.

A £20 pair of boots that admirers have already fallen in love with is one of the most recent things to make it onto the fashion account.

Primark customers are enamored with a £31 checkered suit that is “a little Clueless.”

Thousands of likes and comments have already been left on the post revealing the new boots from admirers eager to get their hands on them.

Ivory, black, and khaki are the colors of the clunky chelsea boots.


Fans have been raving about the £20 boots beneath Primark’s tweet, with many claiming they “need” them.

In less than 24 hours, the post received over 21,000 likes and several comments on Instagram.

Primark captioned the photo, “adds to shoedrobe Boots £20/€23/$25 #Primark #fashion.”

One customer commented in the comments section, “Need,” while another remarked, “Wow, adore those.”

“Oh, I’m loving these,” said a third.

“Gorgeous color,” observed a fourth shopper.

“I need these,” wrote a fifth, and “I want these!! X” wrote a sixth.

“Another primark sneaker I need in every color,” said another consumer.

The new chunky chelsea boots from Primark are £20 and come in white, black, and khaki.

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