President Erdoğan demands boycott of French goods.


The Turkish president Erdoğan has called for a boycott of French goods. At the start of the week of events for the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, he reacted to France’s actions.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called for a boycott of French goods during a speech in Ankara.

The anti-Muslim attacks and insults had come to light after the statements of the French president. Therefore he called on the Turks to stop consuming “fabriqué en France” goods. The president also addressed the heads of state of other nations. “If Muslims are oppressed in France, we should find a solution together,” declared Erdoğan.

More than 100 policemen rush into a mosque – how can that be?

“They say that religious freedom prevails in Germany. Everyone has the right to practice their religion. So why do hundreds of police officers storm a mosque in Berlin during morning prayer? Has anything like this ever happened to other religions in Turkey? No, because we have freedom of religion here,” said the Turkish head of state.

That was truly “fascist”. A literal “after-effect of Nazi culture”. The recent incidents were by no means isolated cases. “If they stylize Muslims as enemies, they will achieve nothing,” the president warned. This was not a good strategy, he said.

Racism and Islamophobia are a psychosis that destroys the intellectual and conscientious abilities of people, regardless of their duty, service and position. While the European Parliament criticized Turkey at every opportunity, it could not pass this matter over in silence, in the spirit of the three monkeys: see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing, added Erdoğan.

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