Pregnancy advocates are outraged after a woman was sentenced to four years in prison following a miscarriage and drug use.


Pregnancy advocates are outraged after a woman was sentenced to four years in prison following a miscarriage and drug use.

Due to a “miscarriage from drug usage,” a 21-year-old Oklahoma woman was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in state prison.”

Brittney Poolaw, a Comanche Nation member, was found guilty in early October after prosecutors claimed that her miscarriage was caused by her use of methamphetamine. Poolaw had a miscarriage when she was 19 years old and 17 weeks pregnant.

Her miscarriage “may have happened owing to genetic abnormality or placenta abruption,” according to a medical examiner’s report. The baby’s liver and brain were revealed to have methamphetamine. The cause of death was not determined in the report.

“When there is no intent to murder and the death occurs while committing a misdemeanor (e.g., an accident while driving with a suspended license accidentally kills another), first-degree manslaughter may be charged, according to an Oklahoma legal firm’s website.

In an email to USA Today, Tyler Box, an attorney in Oklahoma City, said, “The issue that jumps out to me initially is how the state was able to prove that it was in fact the meth usage that was the proximate cause of death.”

Poolaw’s case has been taken up by the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, who want to assist her in her legal attempts.

“The case of Ms. Poolaw is tragic. She has experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage, been imprisoned for a year and a half during a pandemic, and been accused and convicted of a crime with no legal or scientific basis. We are assisting Ms. Poolaw as she considers her legal options, and we are working to guarantee that such injustice does not occur again “In a statement, NAPW stated.

NAPW’s website lists several options for the general public to assist Poolaw.

The NAPW’s executive director, Lynn Paltrow, told the Associated Press, “This prosecution went forward against someone who had a pregnancy loss before the fetus was declared viable.” “Not only did you experience a miscarriage rather than a stillbirth early in pregnancy in this case, but the medical examiner’s report doesn’t even suggest that methamphetamine was the cause,” says the author. For having a miscarriage, Brittney Poolaw will serve four years in prison. The nightmarish future that everyone has been warning about has arrived A Native American lady was convicted of manslaughter by an Oklahoma jury ten days ago for miscarrying a fetus after 15-17 gestational weeks. She’s one of 57 such cases in the state since 2006, and more than 1,200 nationwide. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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