Possessive ex has after constant calls and SMS the car of his wife with a Tracker provided.


James Cassidy, 42, also called Katie Cassidy up to 37 times in one day and showed up at her workplace.

A possessive ex attached a transmitter to his wife’s car in the middle of a nine-month harassment campaign.

He began a nine-month harassment campaign against his wife after they separated.

Vincent Yip, the prosecutor, explained that the separation was initially amicable and Cassidy kept in touch with his little daughter.

The Liverpool District Court heard this morning how the couple had been together for 17 years before the separation and had been married for 10 years.

The harassment followed the couple’s separation in May last year, whereupon Cassidy accused his wife of cheating on him.

Mr. Yip explained that when Cassidy took care of her daughter, he would show up at the Sainsbury’s branch where Mrs. Cassidy worked and order from the café.

Mr Yip said: “From October 2019, the matter escalated and the complainant stated that the defendant had been calling her constantly and texting her.

Cassidy from Wimborne Road, Huyton, also left voice messages in which he insulted his wife while “accusing her of cheating on her with other men.

On May 30 this year, Mrs. Cassidy and her mother were inside when they “heard noise outside their house.

He would also try to use the checkout where she was serving before he was finally banned from the supermarket, Mr. Yip told the court.

He explained that the couple heard a noise before Cassidy left.

Mr. Yip said, “She looked out and saw the defendant’s vehicle and he leaned against the complainant’s vehicle.

During the investigation, they discovered a black box with a flashing light attached to its wheel arch, and as it later turned out, it was a vehicle tracking device.

Cassidy admitted to harassing his ex-partner during a police interview and pleaded guilty to harassment when he first appeared in court.

The court heard that Ms. Cassidy was “constantly in fear” and “told him several times that the relationship was over.

Keith Webster, the defense attorney, told the court that Cassidy had pleaded guilty and cooperated with the trial from the beginning.

He said, “Mr. Cassidy accepts that his behavior was excessive.”

Mr. Yip explained that although Cassidy had a criminal record, he had “not had any trouble with the courts for 18 years.


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