Police violence in Cologne: Turkish entrepreneur raises serious accusations.


A Turkish entrepreneur from Cologne is said to have become a victim of disproportionate police violence. The Foreign Ministry of Turkey demands clarification.

In the Cologne district Stammheim the entrepreneur Yüksel Aker became according to own statement victim of disproportionate police force. He described the incident to TRT on Wednesday. The police operation was preceded by an argument with one of Aker’s employees. Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Office also criticized the police action.

After a verbal argument with the employee, he was initially banned from the premises. He notified the police and claimed to have been beaten with a hammer. Shortly afterwards, the police arrived. He was allegedly searched by six police officers and then had to answer the officers’ questions for over an hour.

Police violence in Cologne: Turkish entrepreneur makes serious accusations

One of the officials is said to have deleted the camera recordings and requested the business cell phone. But he did not want to hand over his phone without a court order. Then the mood was tilted, Aker said. The police had handcuffed the 29-year-old and thrown him to the ground. Then they beat him. “I only wanted to know one thing: why they beat me. One policewoman only said: “We got your elbow in the face,” Aker said.

The entrepreneur had to be transferred to hospital after the incident. He now wants to take legal action against the actions of the Cologne police.

Police violence in Cologne: Turkish entrepreneur raises serious accusations

The case is now making big waves. The Turkish foreign ministry has intervened and is demanding a rapid clarification. Those responsible for the violent action must answer to the court, according to Hami Aksoy, spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The Cologne police, on the other hand, declared in response to media inquiries that the person concerned was under investigation for dangerous bodily harm and resistance to law enforcement officers. In addition, the “allegations regarding the procedure of the police officers deployed are now being investigated and the suspicion of criminal acts by the task forces is being examined,” explained police spokesman Ralf Remmert.

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