Police say a man claiming to have HIV sprayed blood on a pregnant Starbucks employee.


Police say a man claiming to have HIV sprayed blood on a pregnant Starbucks employee.

According to court filings, an Arizona man allegedly sprayed his own blood on a pregnant Starbucks waitress while pretending to have HIV.

According to Fox 5, On September 13, Juan Luis Loya-Leyva, 26, committed a series of weird occurrences using his own blood in Goodyear.

Loya-Leyva was going through the parking lot of Abrazo West Valley Hospital when he approached a car and attempted to enter it through the back passenger door, according to detectives.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 5, “the victim closed the door from the inside.” However, [Loya-Leyva] then punched through the rear hatch glass window, crossing the threshold and entering the vehicle.”

According to the investigators According to the network, Loya-Leyva then attempted to charge at the individual inside the car.

“[Loya-Leyva] took ahold of [the victim’s]leg, and tried to drag her out of the vehicle,” according to court filings.

Investigators believe that after the encounter, Loya-Leyva rushed around the neighborhood, leaving blood behind since he had wounded his right arm.

Officials with Fox 5 claim Loya-Leyva attempted to enter other vehicles before smearing blood on the windows and door handles of a medical center as he drove by.

According to court documents obtained by the network, he was seen in surveillance camera entering a nearby Starbucks and began splattering his blood over employees, products, and the counter.

“[Loya-Leyva] then purposely flicked blood into the face and on the body of two Starbucks employees,” the statement read, according to Fox 5. [Loya-Leyva] insisted on claiming he was HIV-positive.”

One of the employees was said to be 36 weeks pregnant at the time. As a result, the Starbucks had to close, according to the paperwork.

When officers apprehended Loya-Leyva, he allegedly smeared blood on one of them and told them he had “HIV/or AIDS” and “wished for them to catch it.”

Loya-Leyva was transferred to a hospital, where he allegedly threatened to kill personnel and used a racist insult against a Black doctor, according to investigators.

Loya-Leyva is accused of causing at least $25,000 in damage, according to the network, and has been charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage, kidnapping, threat, and disorderly behavior.

Loya-Leyva is one of them. This is a condensed version of the information.


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