Police officer from Merseyside faces gross misconduct for “inappropriate” contact.


It is alleged that the PC, which was not mentioned by name by the police, had “excessive one-to-one contact” and sent “inappropriately personal messages” to those affected.

A police officer from Merseyside is facing a hearing for alleged “inappropriate behaviour” against seven women.

It is alleged that a principal has expressed concerns about alleged behaviour and the officer must now face a hearing

A timeframe was not disclosed when the allegations would have occurred, but the force indicated that it was inappropriate behavior with what they called seven different “women”.

A privacy statement was issued for the hearing and the police are not releasing any further information at this time.

The PC must answer to a misconduct committee for the allegations, as they were considered gross misconduct.

“Alleged inappropriate contacts included contacts without an appropriate police purpose, excessive individual contacts, contacts via personal cell phones / social media accounts, sending inappropriate personal messages and developing inappropriate personal / emotional relationships.

It is alleged that the PC came into contact with them during his police service.

The police said: “A police officer is accused of violating the standard of professional conduct in terms of duties and responsibilities, authority, respect and courtesy and discrediting behaviour by having inappropriate contact with 7 women he came into contact with during his police service.

“The police officer faces further allegations that he violated standards of professional conduct, honesty and integrity by trying to influence a school’s approach to concerns about the extent of his contact with one of the women and by dishonestly explaining to a school principal that he used an official police social media account to contact another of the women.

“The hearing will be held in private.”

“The allegations against this police officer were judged on the level of gross misconduct.


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