Police capture a massive 5-foot long ‘bastard snake.’


Police capture a massive 5-foot long ‘bastard snake.’

A 5-foot long snake was discovered inside a water meter cabin outside of a house by local authorities in Malaga, Spain. The incident was responded to by officers from the department’s Nature Protection Group, who were able to securely remove the writhing reptile, which was recognized as a “bastard snake,” or Malpolon monspessulanus.

An officer was seen opening a small door to the water meter cabin in a video broadcast to the police department’s YouTube website on October 26. He crouches down to have a better look inside before reaching inside with a snake-catching tool. The snake’s head pokes out for a brief moment before retreating back into the cabin. With the snake-catching gear, the officer returns to the cabin and successfully recovers the snake.

He studied it while holding it up in the air before placing it in a white plastic bucket.

Officers spoke with the homeowner, who indicated he heard a hiss coming from the water meter cabin, according to the video caption. When the homeowner couldn’t identify the snake species after shining a light into the cabin, he phoned the cops.

Officers took the snake to the Municipal Zoosanitary Center, where it was examined and confirmed to be in good enough health to be released.

The caption said, “The local police [transferred]her to a woodland location away from human presence, where they proceeded to free her.”

According to Malaga’s official government page, the bastard snake is a huge snake that is not very strong. It can reach a length of over 2 meters (6.5 ft). They are most commonly seen in areas with hills and a warm and sunny climate. According to the text, it is a common species in Malaga.

“It eats a wide variety of things,” according to the report, “from insects [especially young ones]to chicken and bird eggs, small animals, and other reptiles.”

Although the snake has venom-releasing teeth at the back of its jaw, it is difficult for the snake to inject the poison into humans. A bite does not usually represent a threat to humans, except from a slight reaction.

Snakes have a habit of slithering into locations where no one expects them to be. This is a condensed version of the information.


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