Police are investigating after several “malicious” letters relating to Hillsborough were sent through doors.


Sick letters referring to the tragedy of 1989 have been posted in Ormskirk and the surrounding area.

A number of “disturbing” letters in connection with the Hillsborough disaster have been sent to people in Ormskirk, police said.

“A number of letters” are said to have been sent in Ormskirk.

In a statement, Ormskirk and rural West Lancs police said: “We are currently investigating a number of reports of malicious communications within our community.

The police said the letters had caused “a lot of excitement and despair.

Officials said they had received “a number of reports” and were investigating who was behind the sending of the malicious letters.

“Letters related to the Hillsborough tragedy have been received by residents in Ormskirk and the surrounding area, causing “a lot of excitement and despair.

“If you have received a letter or have information about these letters, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks PC Jo.”

The police statement follows two Liverpool fans who received attacking anonymous letters.

ECHO has asked the Lancashire police for further information.

The letters, sent to addresses in Ormskirk, including a man who survived the tragedy, are said to have been triggered simply by fans hanging Liverpool FC flags outside their homes.

Mr. Edwards, originally from Old Swan, told Echo that he had been in the Lake District and returned home on Monday July 13 to find the letter.

One of the recipients was 59-year-old Carl Edwards, who was at the stadium on the day 96 fans were unlawfully killed – a disturbing coincidence.

The heinous note consisted of pictures from the day of the tragedy showing the destroyed fans, which the sender had downloaded and printed on an A4 sheet.

The sender had also scrawled the message “the scouse b******* die, ha ha ha, f*** off back to Liverpool” in capital letters with what appeared to have been a black felt-tip pen.

Mr Edwards said he and his wife had seen a post about Mr Flaherty’s letter on Facebook and were even discussing it when they came home from the Lakes and found an unusual envelope.

He told ECHO: “When I saw the letter, which looked a bit rough, I said, ‘Look, here is ours’.

An almost identical letter in an envelope simply addressed to ‘Scousers’ was also sent to Royal Mail driver Sean Flaherty and his beautician Helen Flaherty, who arrived on Friday 10 July.


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