Polecadot (DOT) cooperates with Chainlink (LINK) in the DeFi Alliance project

  • Polkadot cryptoproject recently announced the formation of an alliance with Chainlink and three others.
    The goal of the alliance is to create a new platform for developers and other members of the community.
    Polkadot also announced a program to increase the number of nodes by 1,000.

    Recently, Polkadot (DOT) launched a DeFi alliance with another crypto-currency project – Chainlink (LINK). The alliance was announced yesterday, December 3, and its goal is to create a new community platform that would leverage the Polkadot network and its substrate technology.

    The goal of the alliance

    While Chainlink is the largest partner in the alliance, it is not the only project that has joined Polkadot. There are three other founding members, including Tidal Finance, a decentralized insurance market, Polkaswap, a non-custodial AMM, and Plasm Network, a provider of layer 2 technology.




    Commenting on the move, Chainlink’s Director of Business Development, Dan Kochis, said, “Chainlink is very excited to help the growing ecosystem of Polkadot take a new direction. He believes this move will make the Polkadot ecosystem stronger than ever.

    The Alliance has already begun to accept polkadot network and substrate based applications from developers.

    Polkadot wants to start a program with a thousand validators

    In addition to the birth of the Alliance, Polkadot made another announcement in which she pointed out that she wanted to introduce a new program called “Thousand Validators”.

    The program will provide incentives and support for those who wish to join Polkadot and operate nodes. The project aims to dramatically increase the number of validators by at least 1,000.

    @Polkadot will launch the Polkadot program “Thousand Validators” in December 2020! pic.twitter.com/rgGxZvcY4s- Polkadot News (@polkadotnews) December 3, 2020

    The program is essentially the same as the one launched in February this year by Kusama – the Polkadot Sisters Network. Before it started the program, Kusama had only 180 nodes. Today, however, it has about 700 active validators, and 393 others are also waiting to participate.

    As for Polkadot itself, it currently has only 249 validators, so it is not surprising that it wants to increase the number of nodes.


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