Poland promises to protect its border with Belarus and keep migrants out.


Poland promises to protect its border with Belarus and keep migrants out.

According to the Associated Press, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pledged to guard Poland’s border with Belarus and prevent more migrants from entering the nation.

According to Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski, 500 extra troops and eight specialist vehicles would be transported to the border this week as part of the defense operation.

According to the Associated Press, the Polish government claims the migrant flow is part of a coordinated conspiracy by Belarus and Russia to destabilize the European Union. During a Monday news conference, Morawiecki said Poland is facing a “well-organized action” from Minsk and Moscow, but he promised to fight back.

After meeting with Poland’s interior minister and the director of the Border Guards, Morawiecki stated, “We will defend Poland’s border with utmost determination.”

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On their borders with Belarus, which form part of the EU’s eastern frontier, EU members Poland and Lithuania are facing increased migratory pressures. According to them, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s dictatorship in Minsk is launching a “hybrid attack” to destabilize the EU’s 27 member states. After Western countries imposed sanctions on Lukashenko’s regime for repressive measures against the opposition, border pressure began.

However, Morawiecki stated that necessary medical care will be provided to migrants who arrive in Poland.

He claimed that three migrants found dead near the Belarusian border on Sunday, including an Iraqi male, died of hypothermia and exhaustion. After his companions stated that he was acting oddly before his death, an autopsy would be performed on the Iraqi. According to Kaminski, the men were eventually turned back to Belarus by Poland’s border guards.

According to General Tomasz Praga, the chief of the Polish Border Guards, a woman’s body was discovered close to the border on the Belarus side.

Migrants from the Middle East and Africa are paying big sums in Belarus allegedly to be smuggled into Germany, but are instead being abandoned by Belarusian military in the dense unspoiled forests and bogs on the Polish border, according to Morawiecki and Kaminski. According to them, Belarus has allowed visa-free travel with a number of Middle Eastern countries with “significant illegal migration potential” in order to attract migrants and push them toward Poland and Lithuania.

A pregnant migrant, according to Morawiecki. This is a condensed version of the information.


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