Planned Parenthood handcuffs 77-year-old anti-abortion protester after pouring fish sauce on her.


Planned Parenthood handcuffs 77-year-old anti-abortion protester after pouring fish sauce on her.

After reportedly splashing fish sauce near a protest zone at Planned Parenthood in Everett, Washington, a 77-year-old man was detained and cited.

According to The Herald Net, it’s very uncommon to see anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists squabbling near the Everett clinic, but after a number of complaints, the city established a no-protest zone around the clinic.

The guidelines compelled both groups to cross the street and onto a path, and imposed “time-place-manner restrictions” on Wednesdays and once a month on Saturdays. Officials argued it was a means to keep the peace and support First Amendment rights at the time. Late in May, the limitations were eased.

Officer Jay Taylor, who was in charge of maintaining decorum at the weekly protests, said in a police report that the walkway had been enveloped by a “offensive odor” for the preceding two months.

Around 6:30 a.m. on August 11, images from Planned Parenthood’s security camera show what police believe to be the reason.

On that date, surveillance footage showed “an older Asian male” driving to the place across from the clinic, spreading something on the sidewalk, and then leaving in his vehicle.

According to The Herald Net, Taylor knew the man from prior demonstrations.

A man in a red SUV pulled up to the place seven days later, around the same time, and discharged a liquid. As he approached the man to arrest him under the same legislation that applies to stink bombs and explosives, Taylor noted that he “could smell the foul odor.”

The man consented to speak with the officers and acknowledged to throwing fish sauce around the clinic to deter abortion-rights demonstrations. According to The Herald Net, he forfeited the container and was not arrested, but Taylor warned him that a second infraction would result in a jail sentence.

The Everett Fire Department cleared the sauce from the sidewalk.

According to law enforcement, actions outside of the clinic were becoming a public safety concern, prompting the initial limitations, despite the fact that no arrests or charges had been made.

The Herald previously reported that anti-abortion and pro-abortion groups frequently clashed on the sidewalk near the clinic’s driveway. Anti-abortion activists were successful. This is a condensed version of the information.


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