People feel that the rescheduled bin pickup is the ‘final straw.’


People feel that the rescheduled bin pickup is the ‘final straw.’

As Wirral Council struggles to meet its subscription brown bin service, residents in Heswall have complained about more disturbance to a previously rescheduled waste collection.

Due to staffing difficulties with contractor Biffa, Wirral Council stated last month that brown bin collections would be temporarily changed from fortnightly to monthly.

The action was justified by Wirral Council as vital to protect blue and grey bin collections, despite local residents’ displeasure with the inconvenience.

After being teased by Home Bargains employees, a disabled woman is in tears.

One guy complained on a local Facebook page yesterday that his bins in Heswall were still not collected despite being given a new collection date, with the council subsequently telling him there had been a “mistake” in the date given – a situation he characterized as the “last straw.”

“Hundreds of brown bins were all put out for collection today all around the area, after the temporary reduction to a once monthly service – I could put up with that because the reasons given were perhaps understandable, but to now receive the email below is the final straw,” the Heswall resident said.

“Total ineptitude on the part of someone, Wirral Council,” he added.

“We’re so sorry, but when we brought in our temporary four-weekly collection schedule, we provided you the wrong collection date online,” the guy claimed in an email he claims he received from Wirral Council yesterday.

“You may have thought your collection would arrive today, but it will arrive next Tuesday, September 21.

“Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.”

Others responded with dozens of comments concerning Wirral Council’s rubbish collection issues.

“I wanted to say unbelievable,” one individual stated. WBC, on the other hand, needs to get its act together.”

“We paid for weekly collections that went fortnightly with no reduction in council tax and it amazes me how many people were happy about it and in fact had to pay to have it back,” one person said, referring to a number of changes to Wirral’s bin collections in recent years, including the move from weekly to fortnightly for blue and grey bins as well as the latest problem with brown bin collections.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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