People can’t seem to agree on what to do about a “traumatized” vegetarian McDonald’s customer.


People can’t seem to agree on what to do about a “traumatized” vegetarian McDonald’s customer.

This week, ECHO readers were divided on a story about a woman’s McDonald’s order mix-up.

Charlotte Sunshine, a lifelong vegetarian, was looking forward to her boyfriend Calum Donaghy ordering her Veggie Deluxe meal from McDonald’s on June 8.

However, after just one mouthful, the 26-year-old was left “vomiting and in tears,” as she claims she realized she was eating actual chicken rather than the vegetable deluxe she requested due to an order error.

After being escorted out of Wetherspoons for wearing a “inappropriate shirt,” a woman was humiliated.

Charlotte was taken aback when she detected a ‘Quorn-like’ flavor in her daily meal, only to discover that it didn’t contain the meat replacement, implying that she’d breached her life-long resolve to not eating meat.

Despite the fact that the burger’s box and label say “Veggie Deluxe,” photos of the bungled order show the meal’s typical two red pepper and pesto goujons swapped by a single chicken patty.

Readers of the ECHO shared their own accounts of similar fast food encounters.

“Exactly the same thing happened to me 20-odd years ago,” John Byrne remarked. I approached the counter workers and requested that it be changed. There’s no need to be concerned. There will be no compensation.”

“They gave me a fish burger once, and as soon as I placed it in my mouth, I realized and spat it out,” Sheena Coletti recalled. I informed the manager, who issued a refund and replaced the burger with a veggie burger. It was just an unintentional error; these things happen.”

Some folks were perplexed as to how Charlotte failed to detect a “significant difference” in the meal’s appearance.

Anita Turpie said: “Surely she would realise the minute she’s bitten into it, I’m not being funny but there’s a very big difference between the taste of a chicken and the veggie selects also the texture is nothing alike. There’s nothing ingested to vomit up if you just spit it out.”

Michael Ettrick said: “Anyone who’s had a veggie deluxe before will know they don’t look anything like this so why she proceeded to take a massive bite out of it before investigating first is anyone’s guess.”

Others chastised her for her decision. The summary comes to a close.


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