People can’t get enough of St Helens’ most popular properties on Zoopla.


People can’t get enough of St Helens’ most popular properties on Zoopla.

Spring through early summer has long been seen to be the greatest season to put a property on the market, which means we’re nearing the months when things are often a little slower when it comes to home sales.

These five properties, on the other hand, have received over 3,972 views on Zoopla in the previous 30 days, making them the most popular residences in St Helens.

The present market is broad, ranging from a four-bedroom semi-detached home in Sutton to a one-bed bungalow in Thatto Heath – and with all properties listed with an asking price of under £180,000, there are homes for all budgets.

Young people at St Helens Bonmarché observed a woman crying and left her stunned.

This four-bedroom property, which has received 1,804 views in 30 days and is the most watched property in the borough this month, is expected to be scooped up shortly.

22 Spinners Drive is on the market for £175,000, which is slightly higher than the St Helens average of £160,170 as of October 2021, but for good cause.

The morning tussle for the bathroom is something that every family has experienced, but you can rest confident that it will be a thing of the past at the Spinners Drive mansion, which has not one, not two, but three bathrooms – one of which is a genuine selling feature.

The magnificent light open kitchen that can also be used as a dining room is sure to be a selling point for many customers. There is already enough of storage and the room is immaculately designed.

All you have to do now is unload your things and make yourself at home in the master bedroom, which comes with built-in wardrobes and access to its own en-suite.

A good-sized rear garden, as well as a front driving parkway and garage with lots of room, complement the spacious property.

This next property is on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from where we started, with a one-bedroom bungalow on the market. “The summary has come to an end.”


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