People cannot understand why vandals have targeted the gravestones of Cilla Black and Ken Dodd.


Both Liverpool celebrities are buried at Allerton Cemetery, where the graves were devastated by jobs overnight.

People were shocked and wondered why vandals would aim at the gravestones of Cilla Black and Sir Ken Dodd at Allerton Cemetery.

The gravestones of Cilla Black and Sir Ken Dodd were destroyed overnight.

ECHO readers were horrified by the damage and asked why someone would leave graffiti on a gravestone.

A posting to a Facebook community group claimed that the graffiti was “offensive”, but the exact nature of the vandalism was not confirmed.

Sir Ken’s gravestone now had to be removed from its final resting place for further cleaning, while Cilla’s gravestone could be repaired on site.

“I hope whoever did this feels very ashamed today.

said Linda Hermanson: “Two of the most loved people in Liverpool and some lowly life does this to them, terribly.

Karen Keehn said: “Why would anyone want to do such a thing? It is disrespectful.

“These are people’s resting places, I just despair of people right now,” Karen Keehn said.

Loraine Susan Fletcher added: “Why, oh why would anyone want to do this terrible thing?

Many people also used it as an opportunity to remember how loved Sir Ken and Cilla were.

said Lynda Greaves: “Cilla Black and Ken Dodd were amazing, talented people who brought joy and happiness to many people in Liverpool, where they came from, as well as around the world.

“How could someone do something so disgusting? I hope they find the people who did it – no respect.”

Both families were made aware of the vandalism and Liverpool City Council is working to get the repairs done in time.

Jean Christopher added: “Two Liverpudlians who have made us proud because they have been famous from humble beginnings.

“We would urge anyone who has information about the person(s) responsible to contact the police”.

A council spokesman said: “We were horrified to discover this morning that the graves of Cilla Black and Sir Ken Dodd had been devastated overnight. The staff is carrying out repairs….


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