People are only now becoming aware of this incredible fact about KFC’s Twitter account.


People are only now becoming aware of this incredible fact about KFC’s Twitter account.

Fast-food fans have only recently discovered this fascinating secret about the official KFC Twitter profile, with some calling the account’s administrator a “genius.”

It’s no secret that the secret to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s success is its illusive 11 herbs and spices, which are said to have been created by Colonel Sanders himself.

The Colonel, aka Harland Sanders, “perfected” the special blend in 1939, according to the KFC website, and it has remained a carefully guarded secret ever since.

However, as TikToker Michell Coombs pointed out, whoever runs their official Twitter account appears to have chosen a unique approach to the secret spice mix.

“I don’t know who owns the KFC Twitter account, but I want to be friends with them,” he said in a video posted to the site on Tuesday. They’re only interested in the five Spice Girls and six Herbs. They’re strictly adhering to a list of 11 herbs and spices. Brilliant.”

Only Melanie Brown, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Mel C, and Victoria Beckham, as well as Herb Scribner, Herb J. Wesson Jr, Herb Waters, Herb Dean, Herb Sendek, and Herb Alpert, are followed on Twitter, proving he is correct.

An MMA referee to a prominent Latin jazz trumpeter are among the Herbs.

Coombs’ video has been seen over 500,000 times, with the chicken enthusiast merely commenting it, “Very good gear.”

Many people were amused by the video, like Kim Knox-Thurn, who simply observed, “That’s genius.”

“And we thought it was a secret,” William McFly joked.

“Each of them knows one of the ingredients,” Kurt hypothesized.

Tegan Baxter said, “Oh my goodness, I just laughed so hard I sobbed uncontrollably describing this to my girlfriend.”

“Perhaps the secret recipe comprises of 5 spices and 6 herbs,” Taahir reasoned.

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When a journalist from The Chicago Tribune spoke with Joe Ledington, the Colonel’s nephew, at the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum in Kentucky in 2016, the unique blend was considered to have been outed, there was a rush of interest.

The website published a list given by Ledington, who claimed it included the famed components at first. “That’s the original,” says the narrator. This is a condensed version of the information.


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