People are experiencing a ‘instant headache’ due to a ‘horrendous’ odor in the air.


People are experiencing a ‘instant headache’ due to a ‘horrendous’ odor in the air.

Following a suspicious stink on her street, a woman claimed she was left with a “instant headache.”

Caroline Wilson, who lives on the Parklands in Ellesmere Port, said the “terrible” smell caused her an instant headache and a “heavy chest” over the weekend, according to Cheshire Live.

Although there are strong odors in the region “now and then,” the 49-year-old said the stench she detected between Saturday and Monday was the “worst it has ever been.”

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Caroline first smelled the odor on Saturday morning, and she says it hit her ‘immediately’ and made her feel ‘off.’

“It’s been bad, and this weekend has been the worst,” she added. “I woke up on Saturday morning and went outdoors, and the scent hit me right away, and my chest felt heavy.”

“So I went back inside, and my house smelled like it.”

“You get a lot of smells now and then, but the weekend was just persistent; I first noticed it on Saturday morning, and I could smell it again when I went to night.”

“Then I noticed it again on Sunday and had to close my bedroom window because my room smelled like it.”

“Then, on Monday morning, I let the dog out, and the smell gave me an instant headache.”

“I know I’m a smoker, but it made my chest feel heavy, and I wasn’t feeling good.”

Caroline’s son suffers from asthma, and she was concerned that he would inhale the odor on his way to school.

“It’s not right that we’re breathing this in; my son has asthma, and I was worried about him breathing it in on his way to school,” she said.

“I was worried about how he would respond if it gave me an instant headache and made my chest feel funny, but he was OK.”

Caroline also claims that other neighbors on the block smelled the odor and mistook it for a gas leak in their home.

“I’ve spoken to neighbors on the block, and they’ve also discussed it, thinking they had a,” she said.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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