People are being urged to verify their change as £1 coins trade for £200.


People are being urged to verify their change as £1 coins trade for £200.

After a rare £1 coin sold for £205 on Ebay, people have been warned to check their spare change.

According to Mirror Online, the vendor was a lucky bartender who noticed they’d been given the rare coin in some change.

The mistake coin is fully gold coloured, unlike standard £1 pieces, which feature a gold outside with a silver inner.

Coins with errors can be extremely expensive, sparking a bidding battle between five collectors.

The coin received 24 bids before finally selling on August 8.

A coin expert’s spokeswoman Change Checker explains why mistake coins are so popular among collectors.

“Any coin of exceptional collector interest, such as one with a low mintage, a distinctive error or mis-strike detail, or one with a popular topic in its design, may hold a higher value than others,” they stated.

Change Checker can help you determine whether a coin is valuable to a collector or should be spent in a store instead.

The Kew Gardens 50p, according to Change Checker, is the most sought-after coin right now.

The scarcity index examines the most valuable 50 penny coins, A to Z tenpence coins, and £2 coins currently in circulation.

According to Coin Hunter, the Kew Gardens 50p may sell for an average of £156 on eBay, although we’ve seen some examples go for as much as £200.

If you have a decent estimate of how much your currency is worth, you can sell it on auction sites like eBay.

Members of the British Nuismatic Trade Association will be able to assist you and possibly sell them on your behalf if you prefer to leave it to a professional.

Nuismatic means connected to coins or medals, and you can find a nuismatic near you by sorting by county.


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