Parents say that the students were forced to eat lunch outside in the cold because of the coronavirus.


Ellesmere Port Catholic High is one of several schools in the district of Cheshire West and Chester Council where parents claim that their children have to stand outside at noon, even when it rains.

The parents have disregarded coronavirus safety practices after claiming that their children must “eat outside in the cold”.

“What harm does it do them to eat inside if they spend the rest of the day indoors?

she said: “Catholic high mothers, did you know that children are forced to eat their lunch outside in the cold, and that they have to leave their food because there are not enough seats?

The series began when a mother wrote a post in a public Facebook group criticizing the way the school followed the government’s corona virus safety guidelines.

However, the council chairmen say that children can eat inside when it rains, while the need for additional seating for students has been “acknowledged” by the school.

One mother replied: “Yes, my daughter and her mates were in the rain last week under their coats”.

She went on to say that her daughter was a student at the school and that she was not happy when she told her what was going on.

This prompted several other parents to remark that the same thing was happening to their children attending other schools in the same district and outside the district.

Another mother suspected that the school was under-equipped, which was a possible reason why some children were not able to eat inside.

Another mother said: “I just asked my son and he confirmed that they have to eat outside. Disgusting! What harm does it do them to eat inside if they spend the rest of the day inside?

She said: “It is disgusting: “My daughter just told me that they have six benches for the whole year 10. Three of them are under a shelter and three are not. Each bench has room for six children. She said that the people who don’t get a place either have to stand or sit on the floor to eat. She said that when it rains, they go in with the nine-year-olds and have to sit on the floor”.

A parent whose child attends Whitby High – another school under the jurisdiction of the local education authority of Cheshire West and Chester – said that the school’s students must also eat outside.

A spokesman for the council said that the school “has recognised the need for additional seating to maintain social distance”.

When the schools reopened earlier this month, the government presented guidelines on how to reopen the schools while minimising the risk of infection.

The government’s website also stated that “schools should also consider staggered break and lunch hours.

New measures included keeping groups of children apart in “bubbles” and avoiding large gatherings such as meetings or collective worship.

However, despite the new security measures, hundreds of students were sent home after confirmed cases of coronavirus. According to ECHO calculations, there are now more than 60 schools throughout the region that have reported positive cases of Covid-19.

The website also provides advice on how to resume school feeding: “We expect that the kitchens will be fully open from the beginning of the fall semester and that the normal legal requirements for providing food will apply to all students who wish to do so, including those who are entitled to free school meals in connection with social benefits or free school meals for infants”.


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