Parents laud Aldi’s ‘wonderful’ £20 Specialbuy, calling it a ‘fantastic idea.’


Parents laud Aldi’s ‘wonderful’ £20 Specialbuy, calling it a ‘fantastic idea.’

Customers have been raving over Aldi’s latest SpecialBuy item, which they describe as “amazing.”

Shoppers love Aldi’s SpecialBuys, and many of them look forward to Thursdays and Sundays to see what they’ll be able to get their hands on.

SpecialBuy products have recently included everything from hanging egg chairs to hot baths, but this week, consumers are raving about a children’s wooden shopping trolley.

Customers are ‘crazy’ with River Island’s ‘luscious’ £90 chocolate puffer coat.

The supermarket shared its ALDI Wooden Shopping Trolley, priced at £19.99, on its dedicated SpecialBuys Instagram page this week, and customers are going crazy over it.

Shoppers offered their thoughts on the new SpecialBuy beneath Aldi’s post, which earned over 1,200 likes and numerous comments.

“Aw, that’s so cute!” one lady exclaimed. “Amazing,” one person wrote.

“Oh, I need this,” said a third.

“Great idea,” wrote a fourth shopper.

“How cute,” commented a fifth, while another added, “Haha fantastic.”

The Aldi Wooden Shopping Trolley costs £19.99 and is currently available online.

The SpecialBuy can be found here.


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