Parents have been warned after a child nearly died while participating in a TikTok challenge.


Parents have been warned after a child nearly died while participating in a TikTok challenge.

After her nine-year-old son nearly died after participating in a TikTok challenge, a mother is alerting other parents.

According to the Mirror, Jack had to endure “serious and life-changing” surgery to remove two magnets that were clogging his bowels.

To participate in the social media challenge, two tiny magnet balls are placed on either side of the tongue to simulate a tongue piercing.

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The balls are then moved around to create the illusion of reality.

Carolann, Carolann’s mother, told how her son was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday after having abdominal pain and violent vomiting.

X-rays revealed that he had tiny fragments of metal obstructing his bowels after being brought to Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children the next day.

These were discovered to be magnets after further inspection.

“It was quickly determined that these were magnets, and after some probing to find out the truth, Jack revealed that he had ingested these,” Carolann added.

Carolann was contacted the next day by doctors who informed her that the situation was critical.

“Not comprehending the gravity of the situation, it was informed to me that these magnets needed to be removed immediately, but that it wasn’t a simple operation,” she stated.

She was given three options for surgery, one of which was to remove the magnets and bowels, then fit a stoma bag depending on the amount of the damage.

Carolann had been warned that the degree of the injury may be devastating, and that the surgery would be difficult, therefore he might not make it.

She was warned to expect the unexpected, and she was asked to sign her consent “through torrents of tears.”

Carolann was informed of Jack’s condition after a four-hour agonizing wait for the procedure to be completed.

“My witty, outgoing, healthy nine-year-old was so badly damaged that he lost his appendix, small bowel, and 30cm of his large colon,” she explained.

“It’s day five after the surgery, and Jack is still on fluids, unable to walk unassisted, and not the same little child he was a week ago.

“The surgeons,” she says.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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