Parents’ fast thinking saved a newborn who was on the verge of passing away.


Parents’ fast thinking saved a newborn who was on the verge of passing away.

A ‘terrified’ mother and father were advised that their son needed to be born eight weeks early to preserve his life.

Doctors notified Richard, 39, and Danielle, 32, who want to be identified only by their first names, that their unborn child was an hour away from death and needed to be rushed to urgent care.

After Danielle went to the hospital with stomach discomfort, they informed The Washington Newsday that their baby’s heart rate was falling.

Ryanair had to make an emergency landing in Liverpool.

Richard, from the Wirral town of Wallasey, said: “Danielle had begun to experience aches, so we rushed to the hospital right away.

“Owen’s heart rate was extremely low, and they told her they suspected a ruptured placenta, which turned out to be the case.

“She had to have emergency surgery to remove him. It was horrifying and upsetting at the same time.

“We were warned that if we had waited another hour, baby would not have survived due to his low heart rate.

Owen was born on October 7 weighing only 2lb 7oz, or about the same weight as a pineapple, but his father says he is growing rapidly.

Richard, who is also the father of Cain, 19, Lewis, 14, and Jack, 7, said: “We heard him whimper like a kitten when he was born, and he was immediately brought to Danielle, after which I held him for a while.

“We didn’t see him for a few hours after he was moved to intensive care.

“We had joked about having to prepare everything for his birth just a few nights before, and now he is here.

“But he’s doing fantastically; he’s bigger than they anticipated, and he’s already off his oxygen and eating full meals.

“We can’t express our gratitude enough to everyone at Arrowe Park; they saved his life and made everything so much simpler for us.”

Due to covid limitations on the medical wards at Arrowe Park, Owen has yet to meet his brothers and sisters.

Richard stated, ” “They’re all dolled up and can’t wait to meet him.

“We anticipate him having to stay in till his due date.”

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