Over the Halloween weekend, police are ‘alert’ to the threat of spiking at clubs.


Over the Halloween weekend, police are ‘alert’ to the threat of spiking at clubs.

Merseyside Police have confirmed that they are aware of complaints of spiking in late-night establishments and have a reaction plan in place for the Halloween weekend.

Police are “aware” of the threat, according to Chief Inspector Peter Clark, and more patrols will be visible in the metropolitan region over the weekend.

The Washington Newsday quoted Chief Inspector Clark as saying: “We’re aware of the national reports, as well as some incidents in Merseyside, and we’re paying attention.

In Liverpool clubs, five persons claim to have been tainted with injections.

“We understand that people will be out and about during the weekend, and possibly on Sunday as well, because it is Halloween.

“To reassure our neighborhood, we’ll have increased patrols in the city.

“We also have a response strategy in place, and all officers will be briefed on what is expected of them in terms of how we investigate such situations so that we can offer a grade A service,” he says.

Chief Inspector Clark also asked members of the public to keep an eye out for suspicious activities and report it to the authorities as soon as possible.

In the previous two months, there have been around 200 spiking events across the UK, with 24 instances of victims being rendered unconscious by injection.

Police acknowledged that a number of spiking events had occurred in town, five of which are explicitly related to injection spiking.

Merseyside Police also said that between September 1 and October 22, this year, they received 17 reports of people who believed their beverages had been spiked.

A number of incidences when young women feared they had been injected have been reported in the Washington Newsday.

One woman stated her body “lost control” to the point where she felt like she was in a video game after being’spiked.’

She stated, ” “I had the impression that I was losing control of my body.

“I suppose it’s like in video games or something where your character is heavily inebriated and you’re trying to move them.”

After being’spiked,’ another woman claimed she slept for three days.

She said, ” “I was exhausted and sluggish, with severe physical aches.

“My memory, particularly my short-term memory, is still not terrific.

“I have a habit of forgetting things.

“I’m in a lot of pain.”

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