Over the COVID vaccine mandate, a state representative labels the Biden administration as “anti-American.”


Over the COVID vaccine mandate, a state representative labels the Biden administration as “anti-American.”

President Joe Biden’s planned COVID vaccine mandate for large enterprises has been dubbed “anti-American” by a Missouri state representative.

On Tuesday, Missouri House Republicans sent President Joe Biden a letter in which they called the mandate “blatantly unconstitutional” and demanded that he provide legal justification for it. Legislators and other opponents of the scheme got the opportunity to speak out publicly during a committee meeting on Wednesday.

During the hearing, Republican Representative Nick Schroer said, “What we’ve witnessed this week from the Biden administration is anti-liberty, anti-American, and, in my opinion, unconstitutional.”

Senator Bill Eigel, a Republican, expressed his displeasure with the mandate, stating that Missouri would refuse to comply.

“This is our state,” Eigel told the Capitol gathering, “and we don’t have to obey what Vice President Biden tells us to do.”

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As demonstrators held handmade placards and rallied in the Capitol rotunda, business groups warned a panel of House legislators that Biden’s idea would be disastrous for small businesses.

Last week, Biden said that the Labor Department is seeking to make it mandatory for enterprises with 100 or more employees to have their staff completely vaccinated against COVID-19 or demonstrate a negative test result at least once a week.

Last Thursday, Biden announced the new mandate and numerous other initiatives as part of a stepped-up effort by the administration to combat the rapidly spreading Delta strain of the coronavirus, which is responsible for a dramatic rise in infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities in the United States.

However, Missouri’s Republican-led legislature was outraged by the move.

According to Jorgen Schlemeier, a lobbyist for the Missouri Assisted Living Association, Biden’s plan is unlikely to result in many more individuals getting vaccinated in Missouri. He claimed that some employees would sooner quit and look for a new job than be vaccinated or subjected to weekly testing.

“The mandate has no effect on immunization rates,” Schlemeier explained. “It simply squeezes the balloon, and employees flee from firms with 100 or more employees, which is where they are now.”

The mandate, according to Missouri Health Care Association Executive Director Nikki Strong, could “decimate” the long-term care workforce. One hospital informed her the impact would be “catastrophic,” she added.

Strong also warned lawmakers that the mandate would backfire on care homes’ efforts to boost vaccination rates.

“It’s nearly caused a backlash,” says the author. This is a condensed version of the information.


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