Opening the beta release of Theta Labs’ video platform


Block chain project Theta Labs, which aims to provide decentralized video streams to the masses, has just made a big step forward. The project’s recent announcement revealed that its streaming platform is coming out in beta.

The video streaming platform from Theta Labs is finally ready.

Announcement of the beta version of the platform came on Thursday, December 3rd. The so-called Theta Edgecast platform will allow users to stream video content while reducing the cost of delivering video content through the use of a distributed network.




Basically, Edgecast is a dApp built on Theta Labs’ P2P video block chain technology. It is operated by Theta Edge Network, which currently has approximately 2,690 nodes, according to the announcement.

It is also worth mentioning that Theta Labs received support from Google earlier this year. The technology giant behind the world’s largest search engine joined the project to help the video delivery network by engaging new users through its Google Cloud. The company even helped launch Theta (THETA) Mainnet 2.0.

How does the platform work?

Theta Labs has been working on its video platform for a long time. Construction of the platform was started in 2017. Mitch Liu, the company’s CEO, explained that the company’s core thesis is to create a fully decentralized video infrastructure.

The platform allows users to capture video, transcode it in real time, cache it and distribute the captured content to users around the world. The same network also operates, the project’s esports streaming platform.

Liu emphasized that this means that there is not a single centralized service or even a single server in the entire Theta ecosystem, which is a major achievement. However, Liu also noted that achieving this is quite a challenge.

As part of the official launch of the platform, The World Poker Tour announced that it will offer non-stop content on Theta Edgecast. This will allow users to follow the games directly from the platform.


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