Online, a bold street food vendor is spreading smiles.


Online, a bold street food vendor is spreading smiles.

Matta’s International Foods has been a fixture in Liverpool for more than three decades, not just because of the high-quality international items it sells, but also because of the sense of community it fosters.

And now, the well-known, family-run eatery has brought its good vibes online.

Matta’s International Foods has over 5,000 Twitter followers and 8,000 Instagram followers, spreading smiles and joy, and its pick-me-up postings are sure to make you giggle.

Customers ‘require’ Marks & Spencer’s ‘next level’ Christmas hot drinks.

Kirpal and Kanta Matta, husband and wife, have owned and operated the independent food shop on Bold Street since 1984. Their family is still providing organic food from all around the world thirty-seven years later.

If you’re not currently following @Mattas Lpool on Twitter, you should do so now. Here are a couple of their most recent amusing tweets: Follow Matta’s International Foods on Twitter and Instagram if this list made you laugh.


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