On YouTube, there is a ‘Southport rap’ with thousands of views.


On YouTube, there is a ‘Southport rap’ with thousands of views.

Did you know that Southport has its own rap song?

Former Southport College student Phil Bridge wrote the song about his memories growing up in the seaside town, as previously reported.

Before migrating to Canada in 2012, Phil, 48, resided in Southport.

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The lyricist, who works in the oil fields during the day, is currently developing a record label with its own studio.

Phil’s intentions to make music have been hampered by the coronavirus outbreak, but he is adamant that A Sed It Records will develop and record performers as soon as possible.

According to Phil, who spoke to The Washington Newsday, “I’ve been back in the UK for almost a year, having returned for Christmas and stayed since [due to travel restrictions].

“It’s a completely different Southport than the one I grew up in.”

Phil claims to have spent £150,000 on a recording studio and is creating his own label before departing Canada.

He’s also working on a new song called Pray, which he intends to release soon.

According to The Washington Newsday, the father of four earlier stated: “I adore Southport because it is still considered my home no matter where I go.

Phil may be seen in a video dressed in a false curly wig, gold chain, and white cap singing “living the dream, being obscene, just another Sandgrounder” in his song SPT.

The singer, composer, and producer also touches on a hot topic among Sandgrounders: the accent.

“Some people talking Manc, some people talking Scouse, but who’s the champ on the wheel in the funhouse?” Phil asks in the four-minute song.

Phil has a number of other songs in his repertoire, one of which, Entertain Yuzz, with nearly 12,000 views on YouTube.


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