On the street, a motorcycle noise nightmare is ‘beyond a joke.’


On the street, a motorcycle noise nightmare is ‘beyond a joke.’

Motorbikes have been making “relentless” noise into the early hours of the morning in a St Helens neighborhood, according to residents.

Residents on Creswell Street and the surrounding communities claim that loud motorbikes riding up and down the neighboring roads keep them awake past 3 a.m. most nights.

“There is no concern for those resting before work,” Jacob Devine said on a local St Helens page, expressing his displeasure with the early morning activities. Easily one of the worst areas in St Helens that I am aware of, and numerous individuals in the vicinity have agreed.

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“It just gives the men who are all lawful and truly responsible a poor impression.”

Residents on nearby roads responded to the post, with many saying that the noise and lack of consideration for others is “too much.”

“It’s every day, all hours, most of the time,” Jacob told The Washington Newsday. It’s more than a jest, and it’s grating on my nerves. What is it that makes this place so popular?

“There’s a 60mph East Lancs Road; go as fast as you like up there.

“At 3 a.m., the Creswell/Bruce Street neighborhood seems to be the go-to destination, and I’m not sure what the draw is.”

One resident, who did not want to be identified, claims that the riders make them feel “intimidated,” and that this is causing additional stress for their family, which is now caring for a relative in end-of-life care.

“[Their relative] may only have hours left, and these morons are driving us insane,” they told The Washington Newsday.

Locals are pleading for help because they are concerned about their safety.

Between 1962 through 1971, Doreen Hunter lived in the neighborhood and has wonderful memories of her time there.

“It was nice back then, everyone knew their neighbors, and I don’t just mean those next door, but also those further down the road,” she remarked.

Many locals are concerned that an influx of motorcycles going missing in the borough is due to theft, and they are encouraging more people to report the noise to the police and bring greater attention to the issue.

Police in Merseyside were approached for comment.


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