On the Amber list are nations where visitors are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival.


On the Amber list are nations where visitors are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

People in the UK are being advised not to travel to countries on the amber list, but desperate vacationers are ignoring the warnings.

Many people are still planning excursions to amber destinations in order to get some sun while major tourist sites remain off the green list.

Most of the countries on the amber list require British citizens to undergo quarantine upon arrival, making a vacation there unlikely for many.

According to Berkshire Live, several amber states are prohibiting all UK immigration due to fears about the Delta type, which is now the prevalent strain in the UK.

A few countries, however, are allowing people to travel from the UK without needing to separate themselves, luring potential vacationers.

However, when residents return to the UK after their vacation, they will be required to quarantine their homes for ten days.

Every country’s limitations are still changing, so it’s advisable to check the government’s website before planning any future visits abroad.

The following are the four nations that currently allow British tourists to enter without being quarantined.

Spain is one of the few countries that allows visitors from the United Kingdom to come without being isolated.

Pre-travel declaration forms are still required for all travelers entering Spain.

However, as of May 24, entrance restrictions and testing requirements for visitors from the United Kingdom visiting Spain will no longer be in effect.

However, tourist lodging providers in some parts of Spain, independent of your country of origin, may ask you to show proof of a negative test, being completely vaccinated, or having had and recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 6 months. In the Canary Islands, this is currently the case.

There’s no need to undergo a coronavirus test if you’ve had both of your coronavirus immunizations before visiting Greece.

But travellers must fill in a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) no later than 11:59pm of the day before arriving in Greece.

Arrivals from the UK must provide either; proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, undertaken within the 72 hour period before arrival into Greece, or proof of two COVID-19 vaccinations completed. The summary comes to a close.


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