On one of the hottest days of the year, a vehicle stopped a pensioner in a wheelchair.


Man pushing wife in wheelchair stopped by driver who spots problem. “It all happened so fast I didn’t even ask his name”.

When a pensioner in a wheelchair was stopped by a motorist on one of the hottest days of the year, she was taken aback.

Linda Clarke, 71, and her husband Graham, 69, had gone for a stroll near their house in Ellesmere Port and had not been able to get enough exercise.

Graham was forced to push Linda’s wheelchair onto the road because the pavements had become unbearably hot on Sunday, July 18.

Temperatures over the weekend had reached highs of 30°C and the Met Office has issued Amber warnings for extreme heat over the next few days.

“We just didn’t think to bring any water because we hadn’t realized how hot it was – we aren’t used to it in the UK,” Linda explained.

“The pavements had become so hot we decided to walk along the side of the road.”

“Then this car comes to a stop, and the man inside offers my husband a bottle of water, explaining how difficult pushing a chair in the heat can be.

“Then he asked if I wanted some water; everything happened so quickly that I didn’t even ask his name.”

Linda had to have several surgery on her stomach after beating cancer.

One resulted in the severing of her sciatic nerve, leaving her in a wheelchair when one of her feet “dropped.”

“It was a difficult adjustment to get used to, but I am in good hands with Graham,” she said.

“A lot of people have a go at Ellesmere Port, but there are some nice people here,” Linda remarked, hoping that the man who provided them assistance will see how appreciative they are.

“I want him to know how thankful we are that he stopped. It just brightens your day to know there are some nice people out there.”


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