On his way home from the pub, a son is suspected of murdering his father.


On his way home from the pub, a son is suspected of murdering his father.

In an alleged street brawl, a son is accused of murdering his father.

After an incident in Kirkby late on Monday, May 17th, Neil Farrington, 51, was left struggling for his life.

At around 11.25 p.m., Merseyside Police were called to Kirkby Row in Westvale after receiving allegations of “two guys fighting.”

Mr Farrington was brought to the hospital with major head injuries and was described as being in a “critical but stable state.”

Neil Badrock, 27, of Kirkby’s Kenbury Close, was detained and accused with attempted murder.

Last month, he appeared in court and rejected the accusation as well as another charge of inflicting severe bodily harm with intent.

However, he appeared in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court this morning, when the case was rescheduled for a plea and trial preparation hearing.

“We’re here today to inform the court that tragically Mr Farrington has gone away,” prosecutor Robert Wyn Williams said.

“It is therefore the intention of the Crown to prosecute on a single count of murder in due course.”

A five-to-seven-day trial had already been scheduled for January 31 of the following year.

Badrock was arraigned when Judge Andrew Menary, QC, the Honorary Recorder of Liverpool, said the fresh accusation should be brought against him.

Badrock, who wore a blue long-sleeved polo shirt and had short brown hair, pleaded not guilty to murder.

For the remainder of the brief session, he sat in silence.

Defending attorney Nicola Daley said a psychiatric evaluation was being produced for her client.

This would be available by September 17, according to the court.

A case management hearing will be held on September 24th, according to Judge Menary.

Badrock was remanded in jail until that date.

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A witness told The Washington Newsday at the time of the event that the two guys knew one other and were on their way home from a pub.

The man recalled the upsetting scenes and expressed his want to help, but was frightened that he would be wounded.


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