On her patio, a woman discovers a large snake in strike position, and the rescue is captured on camera.


On her patio, a woman discovers a large snake in strike position, and the rescue is captured on camera.

When a woman in Australia came onto her back patio area, she was greeted by a massive snake in strike position.

Stuart McKenzie of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted about the incident on Facebook on Tuesday.

“A nice lady in Buderim was surprised to find a healthy Carpet Python in strike posture waiting for a probable rat or mouse to run by when she walked out onto her back patio area,” he wrote.

“The lady enjoys snakes,” he explained, “but she had a cat and the snake was on the chair of her outside setting, so she preferred it be transferred.”

McKenzie was summoned by the woman and rushed to the apartment to relocate the reptile.

The snake catcher posted a video of the rescue on Facebook, which shows the lizard on the chair. McKenzie then catches the lizard with his bare hands and displays it to the camera before putting it in a blue bag. The snake catcher is then seen releasing the animal into the wild.

McKenzie said, “Warning residents that snake sightings have been reported during the rainy season,” “Even though it’s pouring, we’re still collecting snakes. Please keep an eye out for snakes that may be hiding from the elements surrounding your property.” The rescue video has already gone viral, receiving over 66,000 views. Several people expressed their opinions in the post’s comments area.

One user remarked, “Definitely a chilled-out fellow who found a comfortable spot at the table.”

“Stunning! But it’s really bad you had to ruin his dinner reservation “Another user made a comment.

Joshua Castle, an Australian snake catcher, spoke to the International Business Times in 2020 about why snakes end up in strange areas including beds, kitchens, and bathrooms.

“Smaller species are frequently brought inside by cats, whereas larger species enter by accident through cat/dog doors and/or flyscreen holes as a result of temperature changes. They may need to cool themselves inside on tiles because it is too hot outside “IBTimes spoke with Castle about it.

“They also get access through unlocked doors and windows that have been left open for longer than necessary. Some snakes can slither up your toilet/sink/shower pipes by accident; they were either hunting for water or got into a fight with a cat and bolted into the sewerage “Added he.


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