On a visit to a prisoner, prison CCTV captures the mother of two red-handed.


On a visit to a prisoner, prison CCTV captures the mother of two red-handed.

A mother of two was apprehended while attempting to smuggle three types of narcotics into a Welsh prison.

Louisa Carberry, 42, of Stonedale Crescent, Croxteth, was visiting a prisoner at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham when security staff noticed something wasn’t quite right on CCTV.

According to NorthWalesLive, Carberry “embraced” a prisoner, who then grabbed a parcel from the waistband of her trousers.

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Carberry pleaded guilty to three counts of bringing a List A item, such as heroin, cocaine, or cannabis, into a jail.

She was sentenced to 19 months in prison by a judge at Mold Crown Court.

Carberry paid a visit to a prisoner on November 5, 2019, according to prosecutor Dafydd Roberts.

“She walked through security and to the guest hall, where she sat on a seat close to an inmate,” he stated.

“They were hugging, but they were being watched on CCTV by staff. (Footage) depicts her in a masculine embrace. The male removes a package from (her) belt or pocket with his right hand.

“It was noticed with employees closing in quickly and they were separated.”

Prison officials seized the package, which contained 0.77 grams of heroin, 0.94 grams of cocaine, and 95 grams of cannabis.

Carberry was detained and questioned, according to the court. She didn’t respond with any comments.

She has 31 convictions for 75 offenses, according to Mold Crown Court.

Carberry of Stonedale Crescent, Croxteth, comes from a “absolutely nice family,” according to Julian Nutter, the defendant’s lawyer.

She “mixed with the wrong sort of man and was abused by the wrong kind of man” after that.

She was forced to become a drug addict “in some ways” and to take the narcotics into HMP Berwyn.

Mr Nutter said it happened when she was in a “really dangerous and unhappy place” in her life.

But she’s now divorced from that person, has two children, and a new lover.

She also overcame an addiction to illegal narcotics and is now on legally prescribed Methadone.

“She has really turned her life around and feels remorse,” Mr Nutter stated.

The presiding judge Carberry was told by Her Honour Judge Nicola Jones in the. “The summary has come to an end.”


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