On a sweltering day, Mum was embarrassed by her husband’s “disrespectful” burial attire.


On a sweltering day, Mum was embarrassed by her husband’s “disrespectful” burial attire.

Over his choice of attire, a funeral attendee was accused of not having been “brought up properly.”

The man was with his wife for her grandmother’s burial, which was held on a scorching hot day.

Because he didn’t have a black suit or jacket, he dressed “smartly” in black slacks, a white shirt with a black tie, and black shoes.

After being teased by Home Bargains employees, a disabled woman is in tears.

However, the woman stated that her father later warned her that the attire was “wrong” and that her husband “hadn’t been brought up properly.”

According to Birmingham Live, the mother posted the anecdote on parenting community mumsnet and wondered if not wearing a suit jacket to a funeral was a faux pas.

“We recently attended my grandmother’s funeral,” the tweet said. My spouse has never had to wear a suit to work, therefore he just owns one blue suit for weddings. He donned a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black shoes to the funeral. All of the clothes have been pressed, and the shoes have been polished, among other things. He appeared intelligent and respectful, in my opinion. It was an extremely hot day, so there was no need for a coat.

“A few weeks later, my father told me that he thought my husband was inadequately dressed because he wasn’t wearing a full suit. He claimed it was extremely insulting, that several people had commented on it, and, most importantly, that it demonstrated that my husband had not been properly raised.

“I was completely taken aback. My spouse would be humiliated if he knew, so I haven’t told him. Many of the guys at the funeral were dressed in old, ill-fitting suits or jumpers and chinos, which I thought looked a lot less smart. Isn’t wearing a suit jacket at a funeral a big no-no?”

Users were encouraging, telling her that her dress was perfect.

“I believe your father is completely out of order, projecting something,” one person wrote. Your husband appeared to be well-dressed. I don’t think it matters what people wear to a funeral as long as they’re dressed darkly and smartly.”

“Your father is out of order,” said a second. Your dh’s attire.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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