On a journey to the Arctic, GMB star Laura Tobin breaks down in tears.


On a journey to the Arctic, GMB star Laura Tobin breaks down in tears.

During her trip to the Arctic, weather presenter Laura Tobin broke down on Good Morning Britain today.

Laura has been broadcasting weather from the Arctic Circle for the past two days in an effort to raise awareness about the climate catastrophe.

Viewers have been hearing for the past few days about how the ice is melting at an alarming rate and how polar bears are in grave danger.

Ruth Langsford is upset because her mother has been left “battered and scarred.”

Climate problems have also been discussed on the show, with participants debating what they can do to help ease the crisis.

Today, hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid went live to Laura for the final time, and she tried to hold back tears as she presented a drawing of a polar bear created by her daughter Charlotte.

“I came here because, you know, I’ve been gone for Charlotte for six days and my producer Ruth hasn’t seen her daughter, she’s never spent a night away from her, and I wanted to come and convey the story of the people here because it’s not a narrative, it’s a reality,” Laura explained.

“My little Charlotte drew a picture of a polar bear and begged me to give it to the polar bear; I’m clearly not going to do that because it’s really dangerous.

“However, if I come here with her when she’s my age, there may not be any polar bears.”

“We’ve been discussing what we can do, and simply knowing the reality and everyone making a difference and working together rather than pointing fingers will help.”


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