On a $5 bill, a kind customer leaves a $2,000 tip at Nebraska Bakery.


On a $5 bill, a kind customer leaves a $2,000 tip at Nebraska Bakery.

When a generous customer left a $2,000 tip after purchasing $5 worth of pastries, the staff at a bakery in Nebraska couldn’t believe their good fortune.

On Friday, a customer named Nicholas purchased two turnovers from The Omaha Bakery in Bellevue. Preston Rath, a bakery employee, rung up the order like any other day. But he was ready for a pleasant surprise this time: the customer left a $2,000 tip.

When Rath told the client he had entered the erroneous amount and asked him to amend it, Nicholas returned the screen to the employee and swore there had been no error.

“‘That’s wrong, you put too much of a tip in there,’ I said. ‘If you don’t hit OK, I’m going to reach around and hit OK,’ he says “Rath was recalled, according to KETV.

Nicholas informed Rath that he wants to assist a newly founded “locally owned small business.”

In a Facebook post, the Omaha Bakery praised Nicolas’ good deed, saying, “We want Nicholas to know how grateful we are for his thoughtful and kind effort. He realizes how critical it is to keep local companies afloat during these trying times.” The entire bakery staff was “shocked” by this “amazing show of kindness and generosity,” according to the article. According to Michelle Kaiser, the bakery’s owner, the large gratuity will be split among the store’s hourly workers.

When Kaiser approached the man, he stressed that he had made no mistakes. The gratuity was paid using an inheritance fund given by his grandfather, according to the customer. He went on to say that he had witnessed the employees working hard and that he was delighted with their customer service.

“He was well aware that his experience with COVID had been difficult. He was well aware that the majority of people were struggling. He noted that our team was working extremely hard “Kaiser was cited by KETV as stating.

In an interview with KPVI, Kaiser added, “He said there was so much negativity today and so many horrible things going on that he wanted to make a difference.” “He wanted to convey that he cared about people and that he noticed them.”


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