Oliver Stephens, a 13-year-old kid, was murdered by two teenage lads.


Oliver Stephens, a 13-year-old kid, was murdered by two teenage lads.

Two 14-year-old boys were convicted of the murder of a teen male.

Olly Stephens, 13, was fatally stabbed on January 3 after being “lured” to a park in Reading, according to PA.

Olly was persuaded by a 14-year-old girl to go to Bugs Bottom field in Emmer Green, where he was then “ambushed” by two lads and stabbed to death, according to Reading Crown Court.

Both the female and the older of the teenage guys have admitted to manslaughter in the past.

For legal reasons, none of the three can be identified.

Both of the male attackers had “grievances” with Olly, according to the court, and the girl regarded any violence against him as “karma” in the days leading up to his murder.

Olly’s relatives described him as “an enigma” who “could get his own way with a wry smile and a cheeky grin,” according to a police statement released following his death.

“An Olly-sized hole has been left in our hearts,” they added.

“Today is a sad day, so many young lives and the lives of their families have been shattered by this cruel and cold-hearted act,” the family said on Monday afternoon, after the jury found the two teenagers guilty of murder after deliberating for just over 18 hours. Knife crime must be eradicated. Now.”.

According to PA, the elder child was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice by discarding the clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident.

After a brief altercation at the scene, the attackers stabbed Olly in the chest and back.

The younger child, who was 13 at the time, stabbed Olly with a knife as the elder boy was fighting with him, according to the court.

The younger child acknowledged to perverting the course of justice by destroying garments worn at the time of the murder, while the older boy admitted to the same offense by removing information from his phone.

Jurors were informed that in the days immediately up to Olly’s death, they had sent multiple messages on Snapchat expressing hate toward him.

“Karma,” the girl wrote in a message to one of the defendants.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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