Older couple left the wrecked car “in tears” as boys were rioting in the night of the riots.


It was assumed that on Friday evening about 10 cars were targeted on George Road in Hoylake.

An elderly couple were reportedly in tears after their car was smashed to pieces by a gang of boys on the night of the disturbance.

Countless cars were attacked throughout the night, with people all over Merseyside reporting broken windows and extreme damage.

Posted on a local Facebook group, the woman said: “I was just in Hoylake, George Road, and my car and at least nine others got their windows smashed”.

The unfortunate news was shared with the couple by a neighbor who condemned the people involved.

A number of other cars were also damaged in Wallasey when gangs of youths were causing trouble all over Merseyside.

“I felt so sorry for him. His wife sobbed her heart out as if people didn’t have enough to do with Covid.

“Nothing taken, just wanton vandalism.

“I had to knock and tell a man in his 80s that his rear window had been smashed, he was devastated.

“You parents in Hoylake, I hope you all know where your children are tonight, they shouldn’t even be gathering.

Andrew Stant said that his car and a number of his neighbor’s cars in Wallasey were also smashed by thugs in the area.

He told ECHO: “I was working from home and a neighbor called and said my windshield was smashed.

“And some in the neighboring streets. They also fired fireworks.”

“I didn’t hear anything, but there were others broken, too.

Incidents were also reported over the water in Liverpool, where young people allegedly threw fireworks at passing cars and police officers.

In Merseyside tonight there are a number of sprawl zones in the area which give police the power to take action against anyone who is in the area and who they believe may be involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.


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