Officials hail the delivery of 33 million Moderna vaccines to Africa as a “great day.”


Officials hail the delivery of 33 million Moderna vaccines to Africa as a “great day.”

According to the Associated Press, African countries may receive up to 110 million COVID-19 vaccines after the US announced that they will be first in line for doses as the continent with the lowest vaccination rate.

“It’s a fantastic day for us,” Strive Masiyiwa, the African Union’s special envoy for COVID-19, said.

According to a White House official, the United States will defer about 33 million Moderna doses to Africa between December and February, doses that were originally intended for the United States. African countries have been suffering for months as richer countries with more access and larger budgets hoarded coronavirus vaccines, delaying deliveries to countries that needed it the most.

Africa now has the lowest vaccination rate in the world, with just over 5% of the 1.3 billion individuals receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

Masiyiwa complimented the United States for assisting Africa in obtaining vaccines, while Moderna stated that “all doses are supplied at Moderna’s lowest tiered price,” notwithstanding Africa’s frustrations.

Moderna announced on Tuesday that it will provide the first 15 million doses by the end of this year, followed by roughly 35 million doses in the first quarter of 2022 and around 60 million doses in the second quarter.

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Masiyiwa emphasized that African countries will first purchase 50 million Moderna vaccines, with the possibility of purchasing another 20 million per month in April, May, and June, based on the company’s performance in December.

“We are in a position to get further vaccines from Moderna,” he continued, “but we need to see more precise data about their manufacture in Africa.”

Masiyiwa claims that if the complete contract with Moderna is executed, African nations will be able to meet their objective of vaccination 450 million people by September 2022. That’s half of the continent’s population, or 900 million individuals, who have been vaccinated. African countries had previously reached an agreement with Johnson & Johnson for up to 400 million doses.

This is “the first step in our long-term relationship with the African Union,” according to Moderna, which has been vocal about the need for many more COVID-19 vaccine doses.

This agreement is separate from Moderna’s deal with the global COVAX project to supply up to 500 million doses starting in late this year, according to the company. This is a condensed version of the information.


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