NS-I May 2020 Winners of Premium Bonds announced.


NS&I has announced the winners of the May 2020 Premium Bonds
Two investors from Inner London and Gloucestershire will each take home a prize of £1,000,000.00.
Premium bond holders are advised to search online for potential winnings.

This month, two Inner London and Gloucestershire residents will each be £1,000,000.00 richer thanks to their investment in NS&I premium bonds. One of the winners holds a £50,000,00 Premium Bond and the gentleman’s winning number is 344ZE146007 The winning bond was purchased in 2018 and he is the second winner from Inner London.

The second jackpot winner is a Gloucestershire woman with a £34,000.00 bond bought last year. Her winning number is 366AP817645 and she is the seventh Gloucestershire winner.

May winner

A total of 3,578,134 prizes worth £102,274,950.00 were drawn in the May draw. Of these, approximately 3,569,726 prizes worth less than 100 pounds sterling were to be won.

Click here for a complete list of the prizes won:

Value for money Number of prizes

£1,000,000 2

£100,000 6

£50,000 13

£25,000 25

£10,000 62

£5,000 124

£1,000 2,044

£500 6,132

£100 28,068

£50 28,068

£25 3,513,590

NS&I will not cut prices for premium bonds

NS&I had originally announced plans to reduce the number of prizes to be won, but this was revoked on the 17th of last month, saying the decision was made after it was decided to support millions of hard-working savers of premium bonds who may be struggling due to the pandemic. On February 17, the organization announced that it would cut the number of prizes by at least 170,000.

Had the cut been made, the amount of money to be won would have been reduced to about £3,300,000.00 and the chances of winning would have shifted from 24,000 to 1 from about 26,000 to 1, while the annual interest rate on premium bonds would have been reduced from 1.4% to 1.3%.

Note that Premium Bonds do not bear interest; instead, the amounts held in this regard are subject to periodic growth rates, in this case an annual rate of 1.4%.

A number of other planned changes have also been cancelled indefinitely, but the reductions in term accounts will continue as planned.

Are you a winner?

Official NS&I reports indicate that approximately 1.7 million premium bond holders have yet to claim their prizes worth over £65,000,000.00.

Winners are normally notified each month via the contact details registered with NS&I. However, in cases where a bondholder has changed address or home, it may not be possible to contact them.

All investors in Premium Bonds are advised to check online to see if they have any unclaimed prices. To obtain this information, you will need your NS&I number and some other personal details. You can also choose to deposit your future profits directly into your bank account.


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