North Korea is issuing a temporary currency because the country lacks the necessary paper and ink to print money.


North Korea is issuing a temporary currency because the country lacks the necessary paper and ink to print money.

According to the Associated Press, North Korea has a money crisis in addition to the economic woes brought on by the pandemic.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is dealing with increasing pricing of products, shortages of medicine and supplies, and a dearth of imports due to a two-thirds drop in trade with China compared to previous year.

Paper and ink are two items that are in low supply. North Korean officials have resorted to issue temporary money as a result of their absence.

Diseases like typhoid fever have spread faster due to a lack of items such as treatments and critical supplies. Reduced trade has slowed industrial activity and prompted government to urge for more production. A huge fertilizer plant burst in August as a result of excessive manufacturing operations.

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Kim has recently reduced roughly 20 kilograms (44 pounds), but he is healthy, and he is attempting to increase popular support for him in the face of economic difficulties, according to South Korea’s spy service.

According to two MPs who attended the closed-door parliamentary briefing, the National Intelligence Service employed artificial intelligence tools, a study of super-resolution video of Kim, and other means to investigate Kim’s condition.

Because he has seemed substantially thinner in state media images and recordings in recent months, Kim’s health has been a target of intense international concern. Kim, 37, hasn’t named a successor publicly, and some analysts believe that his sudden incapacitation might destabilize the impoverished nuclear-armed country.

Despite Kim’s slimmer appearance, long-time North Korean analysts say he appears to be in good health and that his weight reduction is most likely the consequence of his efforts to slim down. They highlighted that he has resumed his regular public activities and that there have been no remarkable developments in North Korean videos.

Unconfirmed reports about him have persisted, with one tabloid suggesting that he utilized an impersonator in recent public appearances. According to congressman Kim Byung-kee, the NIS disregarded the report as unfounded.

Kim’s weight has dropped from around 140 kilograms (308 pounds) to 120 kilos, according to the NIS, who briefed the parliamentary session (264 pounds). Kim is roughly 170 centimeters (5 feet, 8 inches) tall, according to the NIS.

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