Nike apologizes after LFC footballs go on sale with reference to the 96 despite earlier concerns.


The footballs carried the eternal flame and the number 96 next to the club crest and the Nike logo.

Nike apologized for selling Liverpool FC footballs with symbols used as a tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.

Frustration as goods were discovered on the factory premises only months after production had been “stopped”.

At the time, Liverpool FC apologized for what they described as “errors in the design process”.

They had been told that plans for the production and distribution of footballs would be stopped if design proposals were leaked in the summer.

The merchandise caused anger and frustration, even among the relatives of those who died as a result of the tragedy.

Nike has informed ECHO that the footballs that made it to the workshop have been removed from sale and investigations are underway into what happened.

Liverpool FC also apologized and said it would support this investigation.

They led to protests from Nike and Liverpool FC by several relatives of victims of the tragedy in the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

Pictures of the footballs offered for sale in one of Nike’s London stores appeared online over the weekend and immediately triggered criticism.

The number 96 is in the eternal flames on the jerseys of the LFC as a tribute to the 96 innocent men, women and children who died after an accident on a terrace that had been allocated to Liverpool supporters for the club’s match against Nottingham Forest.

Although the Liverpool FC jerseys are shown on the jerseys, it has long been argued that they should not be used for merchandise.

The tragedy that took place at the Hillsborough site in Sheffield is the worst disaster in the British sports stadium.

Deanna Matthews, whose uncle Brian Matthews was among the Liverpool FC fans who died in the tragedy, said she was “disgusted” that the football had been produced.

“On a soccer, of all things.”

said Ms. Matthews: “To use the 96 and the Flames as a marketing tool for a company’s products is nothing more than an insult.

After 31 years in which the LFC and Nike have been kicked “from pillar to post” by the campaign for justice, she said: “The LFC and Nike have contributed to this by producing a ball with the 96 and the Flames that will literally be booted everywhere.

When design images of the footballs appeared in July, Liverpool FC said: “We became aware of a flaw in the design process of a proposed football that will be produced for the club’s retail channels.


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