Next month, an evil killer who cut up his wife’s body could be released from prison.


Next month, an evil killer who cut up his wife’s body could be released from prison.

Next month, a methodical killer who strangled his wife and dismembered her body could be free from prison.

Mitchell Quy murdered his wife, Lynsey Quy, a mother of two, in 1998.

Quy tormented the police and the public for 18 months, inviting the press inside his Birkdale house and pleading for Lynsey, a mother of two, to return after she went missing over the Christmas holidays in 1998.

Quy insisted on denying any involvement in his wife’s abduction.

He would call radio stations and appear on chat shows, stating Lynsey had simply left one day and never returned.

In truth, the vicious killer strangled her, dismembered her body, and hid her remains around Southport with the help of his brother Elliot.

In January 2001, Quy was sentenced to life in prison, with Elliot receiving a seven-year sentence for his role in the body’s disposal.

Her hands and head were never discovered.

Quy has been rejected parole twice before and is currently incarcerated in a category A prison.

Lynsey’s family, on the other hand, wrote on Facebook that they believe he will be released this time.

“On June 17, we have a parole hearing to determine whether or not [Quy] is released from jail,” the message continues.

“As a family, we believe it is extremely likely that he will be released this time.”

Thousands of people have rallied behind the family in their quest to keep the murdering ex-husband behind bars, with more than 7,500 signatures on a petition advocating for his release in 2017.

“I just want to thank everyone who has supported us by sharing and signing the petition, which we feel has kept him in jail in the past when he was up for parole,” the message reads.

A parole hearing has been scheduled for this month in England and Wales, according to the Parole Board.

“An oral hearing has been arranged for Mitchell Quy’s parole review, and it is slated to take place in June,” a spokesman informed the ECHO.

“Parole Board decisions are solely focused on what risk. The summary comes to a close.


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