New faces, returning cast members, and makeovers on Gogglebox.


New faces, returning cast members, and makeovers on Gogglebox.

Fans of Gogglebox were overjoyed when the show returned last week.

After a four-month hiatus, Series 18 premiered on Friday, September 17th.

Vigil, Ready to Mingle, Beat the Chasers, Help, Antiques Roadshow, Life Drawing Live!, and Take a Hike were among the shows Pete and Sophie, Ellie and Izzi, and our other favorite TV critics viewed.

Stephen Webb’s passionate message on Gogglebox has followers in a frenzy.

We can’t wait to hear their thoughts on Strictly Come Dancing, Great British Bake Off, and I’m A Celebrity, which are all airing this autumn.

However, a new series brought with it some significant adjustments.

There were various makeovers, as well as returning cast members and fresh faces.

Athletes drop out

According to Birmingham Live, Paige Deville announced her departure from the show just before the first episode of the new season aired last Friday.

In her declaration, the 25-year-old accused the producers of the popular Channel 4 show of giving “zero aftercare help.”

“It’s been an experience, but one I cannot continue with due to lengthy hours of filming, restrictiveness, control of our actions and ideas, and minimal aftercare support,” she tweeted.

Paige appeared on the show with her mother, Sally, and revealed that her choice to leave was driven by a “irreversible” breakup with her co-star.

“The welfare of contributors – past and present – is of paramount importance, and rigorous measures are in place to support contributors before, during, and after taking part in the series,” a Channel 4 spokeswoman said in response to Paige’s charges.

A newcomer has arrived

Pete revealed on the show in April that he and partner Paige Yeomans were expecting a child and that he was feeling overwhelmed as a parent.

“He’s a cool young kid, he takes after his mother, not me!” he said.

“I’ve been up all night, I slept on the train here, I’ve got luggage under my eyes, and you just caught me at the right time.”

Season 18 opened with a heartwarming sight of Pete cradling his baby son, so fans of the program didn’t have to wait long to see the new arrival.

Return of familiar faces

The Baggs family has been identified. “The summary has come to an end.”


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