New COVID cases in China have prompted a lockdown and mass testing in at least three cities.


New COVID cases in China have prompted a lockdown and mass testing in at least three cities.

On Wednesday, China’s latest COVID-19 outbreak sparked lockdowns and mass testing in at least three cities along the country’s east coast.

Travel in the Fujian province’s city of Putian has been restricted, with a dozen toll stations surrounding the city already blocked. Checks have now been set up to assist curb the spread of the Delta variation in those that remain open.

The National Health Commission announced on Wednesday that an additional 50 COVID-19 cases had been discovered in Fujian province, the majority of which were in the Putian area.

As the Delta variation spreads around the region, other cities nearby, such as Xiamen and Quanzhou, have imposed travel restrictions to reduce instances.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, which was initially detected in late 2019 in Wuhan, China, tight testing, lockdowns, quarantines, and mask wearing regulations have been in place.

At least 152 new cases have been reported in Fujian in the last few days, prompting instructions to stay at home and the closing of entertainment, dining, and exercise venues, as well as the postponement of group activities, including those planned for the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival vacation.

Long-distance bus service to other sections of the province is no longer available.

COVID-19 has been largely contained in China, although fresh outbreaks continue to emerge in various parts of the country. In July and August, a Delta variant outbreak extended throughout multiple provinces, prompting fears of new and more contagious variations.

Although the efficiency of the domestically made serums has been questioned, particularly in dealing with the Delta variation, the National Health Commission claims to have administered more than 2 billion doses of vaccination.

While the economic and daily lives have been affected by the lockdowns and other harsh measures, the majority of the country has recovered from the initial outbreak.

Authorities, on the other hand, are not taking any chances. According to the ruling Communist Party’s tabloid Health Times, the discovery of a suspected case in Beijing’s eastern Chaoyang district caused officials to restrict members of a high-rise neighborhood from exiting their flats on Wednesday.

Students and teachers have also been advised to avoid traveling for the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival, which starts on Sunday and runs through October 1. This is a condensed version of the information.


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